Purple 2014

I Heart Faces | Purple

  I love stories of God’s grace. This is my beautiful friend, Evelyn. She is just as wonderful and beautiful on the inside as the outside. Evelyn and her husband prayed for several years for a baby. My daughter, Brooklyn, starting at the age of 5, on her own, prayed every night that God would […]

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I Heart Faces | Best Face of 2013

It is easy to ignore the orphan until you know their name. This is Lizzie and she is an orphan NO MORE! This is my youngest daughter, Lizzie.  She is spunky, and sassy, and a bubble of laughter!  She is my little ray of sunshine!  We met her for the first time on August 23rd, […]

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Kendall Johns Family | Creative shoot

I have a wonderfully talented photographer/friend that approached me to do her family Christmas photos. Kendall is also a great photographer, so it was an HONOR to be asked to do her family photos!  Obviously, I jumped at the chance.  She is talented, but also so hilariously funny, a RIOT to be around, and super-spunky!  […]

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I Heart Faces | Pets

This month’s photo challenge theme for the I Heart Faces photo challenge is PETS! And, no, I don’t normally have rattlesnakes as pets, but it is an animal, so it counts. But what is the most AWESOME thing ever is: THE GIVEAWAY at I HEART FACES! Now, I have several pieces from The Vintage Pearl […]

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I Heart Faces | Shadows

This month’s photo challenge theme is: SHADOWS I have wonderful friends that are due to have their first, long awaited baby any day now. These friends are very special, and we prayed a long time for this baby. So it was an HONOR to be asked to photograph this incredible time in their lives! The […]

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I Heart Faces | Summer Fun

I have to admit something: We’ve had VERY little SUMMER FUN. And if I can be so bold… (I don’t care for summer.) I know…you all want to throw tomatoes at me.  Probably freshly grown tomatoes from your SUMMER gardens. But I live in Oklahoma:  it’s 100 degrees roughly 300 days of the year. (I […]

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I Heart Faces | Play-Dana Suggs

“Take a pi-cher of me!” I hear those words a lot around my house. My kids are accustomed to seeing my camera and having it in their faces all the time. Especially Brooklyn who literally has grown up with it, and everyone is familiar with her face because I use her for almost every photography […]

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I Heart Faces | Wind

This month’s photo challenge is Wind. It’s not a lot. But it’s enough.

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Always believe

I have 2 very amazing girls. They are full of life and love and joy and shoes. (Life always comes back to a good pair of shoes.) And they believe in fairies. Life is short and childhood is even shorter believe in fairies and sparkles and glitter and joy in the little things. But never […]

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Changes in the air

We are 28 days into the adoption of our 3 foster children. It’s been a great month! It’s been an amazing road we have traveled these last 18 months with them. Some days were hard and I’m not sure how everyone survived, much less ate, bathed, slept, or had clean clothes to wear! Going from […]

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