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Once upon a time, I used to be a teacher.

I taught preschool for many years anywhere from the age of 18 months to 5 years old.

So I have this love for teachers…

especially for amazingly wonderful teachers that love my children.

Mrs. Butel is one of those teachers.

She was one of my daughter’s K-4 teachers, and when I was a nervous wreck about my sweet, beautiful, only baby girl going off to school and leaving me…

…she loved all over her.

The entire year.

It was nice to know that someone took such an interest in my daughter, and made her year an incredible one!

My Brooklyn loves Mrs. Butel!

In fact, Brooklyn just had to go with me on this session just to see Mrs. Butel again!  LOL

It was such a joy for me to bless this teacher with something so special!

And for me, family portraits were one of the few things I could offer her.

Thank you, Mrs. Butel, for being so good to my baby, and for being such an amazing teacher!

Special thanks to all of the really GREAT teachers out there!

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