Jasmine’s Heart

“Jasmine Eternity was born on July 18, 2005. She weighed 1lb 3oz and was 12 inches long. She was born at 23 weeks gestation, and only lived for a little over an hour. We were able to be with her for several hours, so we took pictures of her and memorized her pretty little face, long fingers and toes… tiny everything but so perfectly made. She is missed so much, but was a blessed for the short time she was here. Someday we will see the big picture as God sees it and understand.”–Emily Romero

Jasmine was the inspiration behind Jasmine’s Heart ministry.  Children are a blessing, but sometimes things do not always go as we planned.  I believe all children need to be cherished and loved…..and remembered.

I started Jasmine’s Heart as a ministry to photograph babies in the NICU.  It is a dark and scary time for a lot of parents and a time that many of us do not even think of documenting.  But sometimes, these beautiful babies do not go home, and the parents are left with impromptu polaroids snapped quickly by a nurse, or on a cell phone by grieving parents.

I offer this free to the parents of NICU babies.  I come and document the time with parents and siblings.  I photograph feedings or clothes changes…..anything special the parent wants documented, all the beautiful little details of your little miracle.  Parents are then given all of the edited prints.  Ask your hospital if they allow photos to be done.  No flash is ever used and I am never intrusive.

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made…” Ps 139:14a