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When I first told people I was going to photograph a birth, the reactions varied:


excitement for my excitement (thanks friends! LOL)


lots of questions….mostly “WHY?”

and one VISIBLE/AUDIBLE recoil in disgust.

Let me set the record straight:


Let me share  a little of what I mean.

Birth photography is the story of the DAY.

It’s about the people that are there:

The FAMILY to share the emotions with you.

The SUPPORT of special people.

It tells the story of the little moments:

Belly dancing in labor…

(is she NOT the coolest laboring lady you’ve EVER seen???)

Laughing with your spouse during contractions…

and concentration and finding your inner peace.

It’s about a LABOR OF LOVE:

you would do anything for this new life…

You would voluntarily go through hell and back for this baby you love so much…

all for that ONE glorious moment…

that FIRST look

It’s about meeting your son for the first time:

And then finally….it’s all about


So, when I say, “I’m a Birth Photographer”…

this is what I mean:  telling a story.

Flash is NEVER used.  It breaks the concentration of the mother and ruins the mood in the room.  I use a high ISO to ensure good photos in a dimly lit room without using my flash in any way.

My goal is to always stay well back from the scene and not be intrusive.  My goal is to be a quiet observer of the story unfolding in the room.

Some hospitals may not permit this style of session to be done, so please check with your doctor as well as the hospital prior to booking the session.  No medical practices or procedures are photographed.

(Sessions are limited, so call in plenty of time!  Scheduled inductions work best for the moment, but that is subject to change in the fall.

Birth sessions start at $400 for the day which includes the edited photos from the birth.)

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