Wedding portraits

For some reason, I can keep up with my regular blog, but can’t seem to stay caught up here.  I wonder why that is?  LOL

Saturday evening, I did Wedding portraits for the SWEETEST couple!  They have been married 2 years, but never had the opportunity for an actual wedding OR wedding portraits!  Which, brought me into this equation.  ;)

They wanted more urban portraits, so we decided on Downtown Tulsa.  Problem is, it is roughly 5 BILLION degrees outside right now!  I was worried my precious couple would MELT in their wedding attire!

However, I was pleasantly surprised!  We had a nice breeze and we had so much fun during their photo session, we didn’t even notice the heat!

I’m so pleased the heat didn’t ruin this amazing wedding session!

And I always laugh when I get the session that begins with “I’m/we’re really awkward in front of the camera” or “I/we don’t photograph well”.  It’s the level of comfort you feel with the photographer that makes you feel that way, not your ability to photograph!  A good photographer gets to know the client and finds their level of comfort in order to make great portraits!   Sometimes it takes time, but it can always be accomplished!

And then pretty soon, you realize, you are smiling for real!  And… are honestly enjoying yourself.  :)

And that beautiful, natural smile is shining through, along with that amazing personality!

And then gorgeous portraits are made.

And don’t forget:  SENIOR PORTRAIT SESSIONS book fast!  So call me for a session!

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